Characters and Lore

Shroud of Gossamer Characters

Legends and myths have always been hard to prove because of the way Humanity perceives the things around them. What they don’t understand or seems unhumanly possible their mind blocks out or changes it to what is known as a rational explanation, even if it isn’t the real truth. Beyond the legends and myths, in the darkness on the other side of the mirror another world does exist. It is masked in shadow and to most normals they continue their everyday lives without ever realizing what happens around them, in the shadow world known as Eclipse.

We have been called many things monsters, beasts, demons, devils and more but the reality is always a mix of half truths. We are called monsters but what the norms don’t realize, some of the biggest atrocities that we get blamed for were actually created by human hands. This is the reason we have to always remain hidden. The mass hysteria and what would happen if the truth was ever discovered would make the bloodiest human war seem like nothing more than a school yard brawl.

In some cultures the line between the light and shadow haven’t always been so defined. There are moments that the light exposes the truth behind the shadow and sometimes the light becomes the shadow. Ancient Japan and Egypt are examples of when this has happened, the gods they worshipped, the spirits that shrines were created for was when myth was a reality. Over time that has become forgotten.

Supernatural Races

  • Fae
  • Felidae
  • Canidae
  • Supernal
  • Vampires
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